Yuneec Typhoon H six day countown.

Posted on May 24 2016

Hey guys,

Well.......Yuneec have got their gloves on and are well and truly ready for battle with the DJI Phantom 4 for the middleweight title in the under $2500 category. We welcome and introduce to you the Yuneec Typhoon H.

The current title holder in this category and a thoroughly deserved one is the DJI Phantom 4. Now we imagine that DJI must be a little worried as Yunnec have priced this really well, it has some great features that aren't found on the P4 and this in turn should attract a lot of followers.

A pretty quiet product launch (a whisper in fact for Australia - Yes Yuneec we are here!) and very limited information provided on what is available as we speak (cases, batteries etc).

2 models (Advanced and Professional) seem to be doing the rounds, however we here at the Drone Addiction store will be getting our hands only on the Advanced to start with, and so will take a look at this model.

Drone Addiction Yuneec Typhoon H - picture 3

The first thing that sets it apart from its opponent are the 6 rotors. Yuneec claiming if one motor was to fail, the unit can still be controlled and brought back safely.

Drone Addiction Yuneec Typhoon H - picture 1

We then move onto another clever feature only found on the more expensive UAVs, and that's the retractable landing gear. No more props showing in your pics or video footage folks.

Onto the camera, this CG03+ rotates 360degrees and includes a 12 megapixel camera with the ability to shoot 4K at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps video footage.

And last but not least is the controller, which offers a great saving for those that don't already have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. This ST16 controller has a fully inbuilt all singing and dancing 7" tablet.

The Typhoon H can link up to another controller, allowing one person to fly and the other to control the 360 degree camera (nice touch).

A feature found on both the Typhoon H and Phantom 4 are the obstacle avoidance system. The Yuneec using sonar and DJI using visual. Flight times are very similar around the 20-25min mark. The "smart fly" features of the Yuneec are similar to the P4, however it has a couple of additions, for example "Orbit" and "Selfie" modes.

It seems Yuneec have listened to their audience and crammed in as much as possible into a very attractive and smart price range when going up against its opponent.

We are very excited to be able to offer the Typhoon H and look forward to seeing who will to take the middleweight title for 2016.

Link to page (click here)

Safe flying guys.

The Drone Addiction Team

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