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Posted on May 25 2017

The new CASA app has now been released and gives its intended audience (sub 2kg category of hobbyists and unlicensed commercial operators) the ability to have a free app to determine airspace regulations within Australia.

Developed by Drone Complier who were the winning tender back in Sept 2016.

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The main purpose of this app is to help drone flyers fly 'safely and responsibly’.  

The app named ‘Can I fly there’ and is now available for download on Android and Apple iOS devices.

The 2 other CASA certified apps AVPlan and Ozrunways are an annual subscription and have been developed generally for licensed (RePL) operators. We use AVPlan ourselves and it is a valuable tool within our business of flying commercially. 

AVPlan - Drone Addiction BlogOzRunways - Drone Addiction Blog


The "Can i fly there" software has been developed to encourage flyers to operate responsibly by informing where controlled or uncontrolled aerodromes are including runway directions, as well as helipads, prohibited, restricted and danger areas, are along with the requirements for each, based on a specific location.

We believe that this is certainly a step in the right direction and probably should have been done a lot sooner, even prior to the relaxation of the regs back in September 2016.

Since September's changes, how many of us have seen YouTube videos, Instagram pictures and Facebook posts of people flying drones where they shouldn’t be? Will this app stop them, we for one hope so to ensure safe flying. 

In conjunction with this app, we believe (which may happen) CASA should put in additional and necessary resources to clamp down more on these people that only really care about how many followers/ friends or subscribers they can get on social media, instead of acting responsible and in a safe manner.

If these individuals continue to blatantly post pictures/videos it can only be a bad thing for the industry, as it will only be a matter of time before the noose is tightened for recreational and also commercial flyers. We are already seeing this within national parks as most states have put a blanket ban on drone use, unless a permit is applied for.

We really do hope that this app will educate the masses of flyers who want to do the right thing and fly safely. 

Safe flying guys.

The Drone Addiction Team

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